The Independent Ancillary Healthcare Network, IAHN, was created to support Independent Physicians with a solution to keeping healthcare costs low for their patients, while providing the highest quality of care.

Healthcare Consumers are constantly facing higher premiums, with much more out of pocket costs.  When independent physicians and independent ancillaries partner together, consumers win.  Accessing ancillary services that are requested by your physicians are very difficult to navigate.  The majority of healthcare consumers are unaware that all healthcare service providers are their choice, yet large healthcare companies are manipulating the choice, driven by their bottom line.

Nothing happens in healthcare until a physician sees a patient, writes a script, or admits a patient to a hospital.  Let’s bring back the basics in healthcare.  Allow the best medical practices be made by a physician or clinician, in conjunction with the patient, to allow the best outcomes.

Independent Ancillary Healthcare Network, IAHN’s, purpose is to provide an independent healthcare delivery system, which produces high quality and cost effective care, partnering with payer relationships, including Shared Savings and Value Based agreements.

With healthcare reimbursement methodology evolving from Fee For Service to Fee For Value, IAHN offers the solution in maximizing the healthcare dollar, with employers, payers, and consumers.  The US healthcare industry is approaching 4.3 trillion dollars in 2018.  It is imperative that healthcare consumers seek out high quality and cost effective services.

Independent physicians and independent ancillaries partnering to create better outcomes for patients.

IAHN is the solution to today’s healthcare challenges.



Preferred Network Members

Learn more our preferred network of ancillary specialists and take the guessing game out of the referral process. With the power and the strength of a large physician network, our IP Network has negotiated fantastic discounts on things that you use the most. In many cases our members will have better prices then the hospital systems gets. 

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