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About Us

About Independent Healthcare Partners

Independent Healthcare Partners represents a collaborative effort of IPA’s, MSO’s , ACO, and Commercial value based networks, who represent independent physicians and independent ancillary providers in a complete healthcare delivery system, for payers employers, consumers and patients.

IHP works with independent physicians who wish to stay independent, and to be successful in this new era of healthcare reform.  Independent physicians must unite with a structured entity to be able to participate in the future of practice reimbursement-value based contracting.

Payers and large self-insured employer are seeking provider networks, who can provide high quality and impact the spiraling increase of healthcare.  It is estimated that by 2020, 70% of provider reimbursement, will be based on patient outcomes and reduced costs.

Narrow networks of physicians and ancillary providers, who understand quality metric measurement and care gap analysis, will be well positioned for the future, moving from Fee For Service to Fee For Value.

Physician’s engagement, education and execution in a high performing practice will be in great demand by payers and employers in the future.

IHP brings the organizational structure, clinical analytics, and back office functions, to a unified network for healthcare providers.  IHP sits on the cutting edge of healthcare delivery reform to protect and preserve the independent practice of medicine.

The US HC industry, is approaching $4.3 trillion dollars in 2018.  It is imperative that HC providers deliver quality and cost effective services to the industry.

Performance based physician networks, are the solution to rising healthcare costs.  Quality metrics and performance based reimbursement will drive payers and employers to the right care at the right place, at the right time for the appropriate cost.